trusted communications





What is the trust issue?

Who is calling?
A traditional communications session like a phone call, a chat or a video call cannot certify the identity of the different parties. Phone numbers can be spoofed and passwords can be stolen.
In a bloqzone, the identity of the participants is safeguarded

Who can access the data?
A traditional communications session will leave a trail of data in external databases.
In a bloqzone, no data are stored in third party databases

How can the blockhain help?

Any institution dealing with data has a trusted identification procedure in place.

In a bloqzone, the participants will use this existing trusted identification procedure to enter the communication session.

By using blockchain technology, the session can be set up without exchanging privacy-sensitive data. The communication session can be a phone call, video call, a chat or text messaging.

Who needs trusted communications?

bloqzone 1

Banks and customers

Set up one-on-one calls without asking private test questions

bloqzone 2

Tax authorities and SME owners

Give business owners easy access to personal advice

bloqzone 3

Municipalities and citizens

Let citizens communicate with civil servants about public registrations