Who's calling?

identify your customer before you say hello





What is the trust issue?

Who’s calling?
A traditional communications session like a phone call, a chat or a video call cannot certify the identity of the different parties. Phone numbers can be spoofed and passwords can be stolen.
In a bloqzone, the identity of the participants is safeguarded

Who can access the data?
A traditional communications session will leave a trail of data in external databases.
In a bloqzone, no data are stored in third party databases

How can bloqzone help?


bloqzone built ID-Call, a GDPR-compliant customer contact framework. The customer contact can be a phone call, video call, through social media or chat.

ID-Call verifies the callers identity through an SSI-framework like Sovrin or IRMA, or identity frameworks such as DIGID or IDIN. This enables the customer care agent to engage directly in a safe, personal dialogue with the customer. Your customer or client will experience a quick and safe service.

bloqzone supplies call-to-action buttons for your contact page providing a seamless and secure pre-identified call-setup. From now on, as soon a customer reaches out, you’ll know who’s calling.

Who needs identified communications?

bloqzone 1

Companies and customers

Set up one-on-one calls without asking private test questions

bloqzone 2

Tax authorities and SME owners

Give business owners easy access to personal advice

bloqzone 3

Municipalities and citizens

Let citizens communicate with civil servants about public registrations

Bloqzone is a Sovrin Steward

Stewards are responsible for operating the nodes that maintain the Sovrin Network—a distributed ledger that allows people and organizations to control their digital identities through SSI technology.

The 50+ Sovrin Stewards play a major role in network governance, ensuring that it is independent from control by any one industry, company, enterprise, or nation.  See Sovrin.org