bloqzone merges identity concepts with a variety of secure communications protocols.

bloqzone is headed by founders Line Kofoed and Alexander Blom, both seasoned telecommunications professionals of 20+ years.

They are supported by an international team of five programmers currently working on a bloqzone community app, as well as by experts from the open source and business community.

bloqzone participated in the Techruption Blockchain Consortium, see techruption.org.


It feels right to use our 20+ years experience in the telecoms industry to take online communications  to the next, human centric level. We strongly believe that self-sovereign identity as a design principle  can be key to restoring trust in online interaction. SSI can help create a safe zone where consumers and businesses, citizens and authorities can meet and interact. That way, we can use SSI to bridge the inequality gap in today’s online-only society.

Line Kofoed