October 2020
Together with TNO, bloqzone proposes Anti-coercion by design in an article also posted here.
September 2020
bloqzone launches ID-CALL, enabling customer care agents to identify their clients safely and efficiently.
March 2020
bloqzone joins the Sovrin Foundation as a Steward
March 13–22 2020
bloqzone at SXSW 2020 in Austin, TX - SXSW 2020 unfortunately cancelled! We cry for you, Austin :(
February 24-27 2020
bloqzone at MWC Barcelona - MWC unfortunately cancelled! We cry for you, Barcelona :(
Oktober 2019
Demonstrations of SSI based communications prototype using IRMA
August 2019
We make our first SSI-based communications call!
Summer 2019
bloqzone develops a SSI based communications prototype
Fall 2018 - Spring 2019
Techruption trusted communications working group with TNO, CZ and others examines the relevance of SSI for customer service centres in healthcare
July 2018
Techruption ideation session on trusted communications with banks, insurance companies and research institutes
March 2018
blockchain based communications concept demoed by Alexander Blom at the University of Heerlen, the Netherlands
February 2018
bloqzone node joins the Techruption blockchain
December 2017
bloqzone joins Techruption.org
November 2017
official founding of bloqzone
August 2017
bloqzone invests in two day hackathon with TNO