Looking to get your personal W3C Verifiable Credentials?

This is how it works

First, get a wallet in the appstore or playstore

Next, select the credentials you need


A W3C credential

A W3C credential is the way you can save personal information on your mobile. Safe to keep, flexible enough to share

Digital onboarding, verified data and Self Sovereign Identity: empower your customers

The verified data obtained at digital onboarding can easily be turned into credentials that a customer can store on his mobile device. He can subsequently use them for return visits and with other vendors.

Slide The credentials can be verified by just checking the issuers signature.
Self Sovereign Identity uses credentials that are signed by the issuer. Credentials can be stored on one’s smartphone, in a digital wallet. They are under control of the holder and can be used independently of who issued them Self Sovereign Identity brings optimal privacy and ease of transactions

    Self Sovereign Identity provides customers with data portability and strong privacy protection.

    Digital onboarding reduces the burden on the back office, and produces realtime verified customer information.