ID-CALL factsheet

ID-CALL is a management tool for customer care centers

The tool brings together various client communication sessions and enables an agent to identitfy the customer before or during a session. Sessions can be forwarded to a colleague, together with the clients’ personal data.

ID-CALL can accomodate a number of communication and identification frameworks, and this can be configured according to the circumstances.

The use of ID-CALL just requires access to a webpage. There is no installation on site, and no changes are needed to the existing phone system. ID-CONTACT can be integrated with the CRM in use.

ID-CALL is privacy-by-design. It handles personal data in order to present them to the agent that requested them. ID-CALL deletes any of these data after a conversation has finished.


A patent is pending.


Supported communication protocols

  • Telephony
  • Chat
  • Videochat
  • Whatsapp*
  • Facebook Messenger*

*Currently being added


Supported verification methods

  • IDIN
  • EIDAS*
  • DIGID*
  • IRMA
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Itsme*
  • More to come

*Availability dependent on legal restraints



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