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One of the things people enjoy the most about the internet, is that it enables them to talk to others remotely almost without limit. Unfortunately, remotely also means that parties are not sure who they are communicating with.

The result is robocalls, fraud attempts, very complicated communications with your bank, to name just a few of the issues this anonimity causes.

Adding SSI to internet communications (SSIComms for short) solves this problem.

When Alice calls Bob with her SSIComms app, it adds a second communications session that is exclusively dedicated to the secure exchange of identity data. This enables them to safely exchange verified information about themselves while communicating at the same time.

From now on, when Alice calls Bob, Bob will be sure that it is really Alice he is talking to.






SSIComms is an eSSIF-Lab funded project, conceived by Bloqzone and realised together with Animo.id and AG-projects.

The software is open source and can be found at …

SSIComms uses an SSI wallet built to host W3C Verifiable credentials, and DIDComm to exchange them between parties.

You can find out more about SSIComms by having a look here and here.

Or contact the people behind SSIComms by filling out the form below.



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